A December to remember

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December to remember: FLX Space reception

A December to remember

First, let me introduce myself to you all. This is not a blog by Nienke, but by me, Irene Duinhoven. One of Nienke’s virtual assistants. As I have a nice story to share, Nienke asked me to be her guest blogger this month! Exciting, but I do love a challenge. So here I go…


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Festive lights and Christmas trees everywhere and of course gifts. Some shops deliver artwork in wrapping your present. I like that, as the receiver will feel even more special while unpacking. Even a little gift becomes special when you wrap it nicely. In my opinion, it’s all about the intention you have. The gift does not have to be expensive, it’s the gesture and the attention that count.


FLX Space offices

As an entrepreneur I work in an office building. Inside this building, called FLX Space, I rent an office. This building used to be an organization’s headquarters. Once they moved to a new building, this building was empty, waiting to be demolished someday. To avoid an abandoned building, the municipality leased it to an entrepreneur, who hired some artists to refurbish the general areas and meeting rooms. And since June 2019, the office rooms are rented to all kinds of entrepreneurs. Each of them is free to do with their office, any way they want in terms of colors and furniture.


So, I am a tenant of FLX Space for which I pay a monthly rent. You could say I’m their customer. However, the staff and building manager have a nice way of connecting with their tenants. If you enter the building, you are always greeted in a nice and personal way. And when December came, they kept saying that they had a lot of nice plans to surprise us.



On Monday December 2nd, I entered the building. And – this happens quite often – I was the first to enter the building. The building manager and receptionist stood up behind the reception desk and yelled: “Yeah! The advent has started, Christmas time is coming! You are the first to unwrap a gift!” And from that day onwards, every day we receive a little surprise or gift, that is waiting at the reception desk for every tenant. Chocolate, gingerbread seasonal cookies, a puzzle, a stuffed Christmas animal and even an invite for a Christmas lunch with all entrepreneurs from our building.


These advent gimmicks result that you have a little chat with other entrepreneurs at the reception desk and most of the time a good laugh before your working day has even started. By these attentive small gifts, they create connection and fun, what reminded me of what this festive month and even life is all about. It’s not about glossy luxurious expensive presents. It’s all about connecting and giving attention to each other.


Spread little gifts

We should not work on this in December only. It would be fabulous to spread little gifts during the whole year. And you don’t have to buy gifts to be attentive. Give a compliment, send a card to thank someone or to cheer him up, take time to drink a cappuccino with someone, bake a pie. Put someone who has done a great job in the spotlight during a meeting, or on social media. Deliver a day earlier than you promised to your client or give a call after delivery and check if your service matched his or her expectations.


Maya Angelou knew this so nicely: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Keep this in mind and make this December a month to remember. Let’s spread little acts of kindness throughout 2020. Merry Christmas everyone!


Irene Duinhoven

Irene started her virtual business in October 2015. She transforms issues and questions into creative solutions for mission-driven entrepreneurs. Solid as a rock, she’s a member of Team Bloem since March 2016. 

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