Fall in love with your customer

Rekindle the love between your brand and your customer

Of course customer satisfaction is one of the key elements in organisations. It is probably in the centre of your mission and vision statement. You want your customer to love you, but as leaders: do YOU love your customer? 


Nienke talks about relationships in the modern era and uses for example Tinder and Facebook. ‘It’s complicated’ to compare the online relationship-world with the online business arena. With a cheeky presentation, lively examples and pragmatic tools, she’ll open your eyes how to make this business relationship work and gain customer loyalty.


Did you know? As a kid of Venus and Mars, Cupid shoots two kind of arrows: one of gold or one of lead. Nienke asks you to imagine being Cupid. If the golden arrow hits your customer’s heart it will be filled with love. And yes, it’s bad news if the lead one strikes their heart… The question arises: what arrows are you shooting at your customer in daily practice?


Customer Experience (CEX-)guru Nienke Bloem shows the importance of customer love and seduces leaders to open their hearts. Change has to COME; It is time to fall in LOVE with your customer!


By the end of her talk, you will


  1. acknowledge your feelings when it comes to the customer and grow customer love
  2. understand customer relationships and how you can enhance customer engagement from your position
  3. be convinced that you are Cupid when it comes to your customer – whether you are customer facing or not – and how to shoot your golden arrows


“I laughed and laughed, she is so funny and has a point. Showing feelings and engaging with customers is what I have to do.”
“Times are changing and we cannot hide in boardrooms anymore… Customers expect our interest and so do employees.”
– Quotes from her audience


Why choose Nienke Bloem as a speaker?

She’s an experienced speaker about Customer Experience on both Dutch and international stages and has the stars and the scars as a Customer Experience leader.. Her presentations are well prepared and tailor-made for the theme of the event, which makes them relevant and to the point. No boring management lingo, but proven CEX-methods that will spark imagination and inspire  audiences to bring these into practise. She wants to make Customer Experience WORK.

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Of course does your organisation have customer satisfaction as a high priority. Just like every other organisation. It’s probably even in your mission statement! But is this conviction alive through the entire organization, from management to customer support? And does everyone do this because they have to or because they really want to make the customer as satisfied as possible?

Customer Experience (CEX-) guru Nienke Bloem shows you how to rekindle the relationship with your customer. With a cheeky presentation, enticing examples and pragmatic tools, everyone quickly knows how a flourishing love for the customer will help their business.


By the end of her talk, you will


  1. Acknowledge your feelings when it comes to the customer
  2. understand a customer engagement strategy based on the Transformational Customer Experience model
  3. know where some kind of ‘blue pill’ is needed when it comes to flourishing the relationship with your customers.


“Nice, real life story. Energetic! It’s about doing, doing, doing! ”
“I got the energy to help customers in another and better way.”
“I have found my internal red button that I will hit immediately once I start complaining about internal processes.”
– Quotes from her audience


Why choose Nienke Bloem as a speaker?

She is an experienced speaker on Customer Experience on both Dutch as international stages. Her presentations are well prepared and tailored to the theme of the event, which makes the presentation always relevant and to the point. No boring management talk, but proven CX methods that appeal to the imagination and inspire the audience to put them into practice. This results in high ratings from her audience and her customers.
Nienke has extensive experience as a leader in Customer Experience. With her years of organization and management experience, she knows the dynamics of large organizations and speaks their language.

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