I spy with my little eye, and it is… GREEN (when CX and CSR meet)

Nienke Bloem, CCXPBlog EN I spy with my little eye, and it is… GREEN (when CX and CSR meet)

I spy with my little eye, and it is… GREEN (when CX and CSR meet)

Many companies strive for an environmental friendly business. Where waste, working environment and green energy are fundamentals. Some businesses have made it their purpose (like Dopper and Tony Chocolonely), but many more are choosing it as a basic and a differentiator to their customers. What happens when you combine the professions of CEM (Customer eXperience Management) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)? Read this blog for my insights, a company that puts it perfectly into practice and I end with a guilty pleasure of mine.


Let’s dive into the CSR practices of organizations

As a customer I often don’t see or feel the efforts. Like solar panels on the roof, or the electrical cars the management drives or the compensation of CO2? Yes, they are all very effective, but hidden from the frontlines. I often have no clue of your efforts. Yes, of course I would if I checked the website of companies I am working with. But let’s be honest. Who checks the website of a company to read all about that when you are a customer? Confession: I don’t and I don’t think your customers do. So if the ‘Green Route’ is the route your company is taking, it is up to you to show your customers (not only tell).

This weekend I stayed in my favorite hotel in Londen – the Qbic hotel – close to the underground station Aldgate East. Easy self-service check in, lovely restaurant with good food, perfect beds and a little weirdness all around the hotel. Translated in furniture, pictures, quotes in the elevator. The Qbic also claims to be a green hotel. Yes, they have plants all around, but that is not enough. They even ask me as a customer, to help the environment and reward me if I do so. How?


The towel thing

We all know the little cards or stickers in the bathroom, with regards to towels. With the question to hang the towels on the hook if you want to reuse them, or leave them on the floor if you want new ones. In Qbic they have combined their Little Weirdness with being Green. There was a white hand and a pink one (the pink is not on the picture) where you could hang your towel.


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