The happy camper

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The happy camper

“Good morning Miss! Are you looking forward to join us on our flight to the Netherlands?” A big smile on his face clearly gives away that he’s enjoying his day. His female colleague, right behind him, looks sternly past me and ignores my cheerful “Good morning!” Whilst looking for my seat – 2F – I see a third flight assistant, who is very busy organizing all the luggage. Her expression oozes that we, the passengers, obviously have no clue how to do that.

Before take-off, we get our safety instructions. I see the happy camper, two rows in front of me, smiling away. He carries out his routine energetically whilst making eye contact with several passengers. From safety belt to life jacket, he keeps smiling and just won’t be put off by anything today. Behind him, the purser on this flight proceeds with her usual drill. She just about manages to avoid a big sigh when she’s finished, but this grumpy lady clearly doesn’t seem to enjoy her day at all.

We’re taking off and soon it’s time for drinks and snacks. You need to pay for food and drinks with this airline and all of a sudden I realize that my wallet is in the overhead locker. Still, I have this craving for a noodle soup (guilty pleasure, I admit!). My happy camper takes my order, and shares with me that it is also one of his favorites. He then asks the grumpy colleague to prepare a “noodle soup for the lovely lady in seat 2F please”. Then I have to tell him that my wallet is in the overhead locker. “No problem at all, Miss”, he says enthusiastically, “that could happen to all of us.” Grumpy colleague utters an audible sigh and turns around to prepare my noodle soup. My backpack appears, and he adds that pink is also his favorite color, and a lot of people around me have joined in the laughter at this stage.


This guy is really enjoying his job, fantastic! I’m sure this must be the second flight of his work day and he may have been up well before the crack of dawn. Just like the grumpy one by the way, who is by now far from pleased. She has forgotten about the noodle soup and when I ask her about it she nearly snaps.

After two months and four flights with different airlines, I still remember that particular flight, with the grumpy purser and the contagious energy of the happy steward. That happy camper who managed to put a smile on everyone’s face. Thank you! And I hope I can fly with you again some day soon!


This blog was written for CustomerFirst and published on March 28th, 2018


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