Virtual keynotes

Nienke Bloem, CCXPVirtual keynotes

Virtual keynotes

You want your team or your customers:


  • to be inspired on customer experience
  • to learn new things
  • to grow as a CX professional
  • to stay involved, despite of social distancing and lockdowns.


This is all possible. Our virtual keynotes are your solution! In times of Corona where quarantines or lockdowns make our lives more difficult. But also, if your team works around the globe, if you want them to save travel time, or you just want everyone to join from their own preferred place.


There are three possible keynotes in webinar style you can choose from (know that we always tailor to your business context):


Great customer experiences don’t happen by accident. You have to work for results and know what to work on.


Companies need to own and orchestrate their customer experiences and a sense of urgency to act


Making it work
Easy three pillar strategy to apply by the participants, these three are the fundamentals of companies that ace their customer experiences. With FIVE suggestions what to do TOMORROW.


Type of audience
Everybody in the organization with or without customer contact. Since everybody contributes, whether you are in customer contact or in the CFO office.

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Voice of the Customer

Why this is THE moment to take charge of your voice of the customer and make a lasting impression by closing the loop


The effect of Corona on Voice of the customer programs and how to take charge and leverage the feedback to organizational and customer success


Making it work
Proven LARA-methodology to start acting on feedback and how to tweak this with regards of these corona times.


Type of audience
Everybody that deals with customer feedback or that has customer contact. How to go from listening to action!

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Customer Emotions

A crash course in human emotions. The importance to learn from customer emotions to deliver great customer experience (and maybe even apply this knowledge to your own personal life)


The importance to learn the fundamentals behind human emotions.


Making it work
A framework to recognize and identify human emotions. To help customers in a better way and maybe, even help your colleagues and yourself. Since we are not very well educated in the field of emotions.


Type of audience
Everybody in organizations that deals with humans. So, I think really everybody. A very valuable resource, to understand and be able to apply in daily business, whether in customer contact or when dealing with colleagues in these times of pandemic.

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We have two options for delivery


Whether you want a Q&A session as a team for up to 20 participants, or a keynote in webinar style, from 25 to 2,500 participants, Nienke can tailor any subject according to your wishes!


Team session (up to 20 participants)

A one-hour Q&A session with expert Nienke Bloem CCXP with a maximum of 20 participants from one team. Where they share their challenges and where we find solutions to make customer experience work. You can choose from one of the three topics above. This can also be free format, where you share their challenges beforehand, so Nienke can prepare and deliver most value.


A keynote in webinar style (25 – 2500 participants)

A 45 minutes presentation (keynote style) on one of the four topics. With 15 minutes of Q&A where the participants share their questions in the chat and Nienke shares her insights. This webinar can be taped and is also sharable by your company for other countries.


Nienke is both fluent in Dutch and English. We have perfect equipment for webinars and virtual delivery (chat, camera, microphone and recording facilities).


We would love to discuss the possibilities with you, so please feel free to contact us (no strings attached!).

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